Embrace the Past, Define Your Present. Curated Vintage for Modern Style

en vintage is a vintage store run by TEK (Artisan-Collage), a Japanese artist living in Joshua Tree. en vintage sells items based on his aesthetic eye, who is Japanese but has continued to be strongly influenced by Western culture in his production activities. 

Our goal is to take unique items selected from an artisan's perspective and make them fit naturally into today's lifestyle, which also means giving life again to items that were once discarded.
By utilizing the characteristics of any item, we can bring it back to life again, even if it was never intended for its original use.

en vintage works with wardrobe stylist "Uni" to propose vintage fashion styling.
Enjoying daily styling means that fewer clothes will be thrown away or wasted, and on the other hand, it also means that you can give new life to them.

We hope you enjoy the collection of en vintage, not only the items, but also the styling.

Feel free to contact us : info@en-vintage.com

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