1960's L-2B Reversible Flight Bomber Jacket


20" Armpit 
17.5" Shoulder 
21" Length 
21.5" Sleeve 

Tag Size  Medium

Rayon/Wool (Orange side)
Polyester (Olive side)

The L2B flight jacket, a lighter model derived from the MA-1, carries a rich history dating back to the mid-20th century. Originally crafted for military pilots, it provided a lightweight alternative to the heavier leather jackets prevalent at the time.

This particular jacket dates back to 1969 and proudly bears the signature of its original owner. Designed with longer arms for a better grip and a shorter length befitting a flight jacket, it offers a perfect balance of functionality and style.

Featuring a reversible design, you can enjoy the military olive side or switch it up to the vibrant orange side for a fresh look. With its timeless design and notable features like the ribbed collar and cuffs, the L2B flight jacket has become a fashion icon, appreciated for its versatility and enduring appeal.

Even today, the L2B flight jacket continues to be a popular choice, cherished for its military heritage and timeless fashion statement.