1950's Japanese Souvenir Jacket Black Japan Map


20" Armpit 
20.5" Shoulder 
23" Length 
25" Sleeve 

100% Rayon

The "sukajan" or "souvenir jacket" holds a fascinating history rooted in Japan. Following World War II, American soldiers stationed in Japan sought out personalized jackets as mementos to remember their time in the country.

This particular piece showcases remarkable embroidery on the back, featuring a Japanese map, along with tiger and dragon motifs. Crafted from soft rayon material, the jacket exudes a luxurious feel. Remarkably, it remains in excellent condition considering its age.

With its unique blend of historical significance and intricate design, this sukajan jacket is a true treasure that captures the essence of Japanese culture and craftsmanship.

The Japanese souvenir jacket (aka Sukajan) has a fascinating origin story! It traces back to the post-World War II era when soldiers stationed in Japan brought back special custom-made jackets adorned with beautiful Japanese motifs like dragons and hawks. These jackets became treasured mementos for themselves and their families upon returning to America, symbolizing the incredible cultural exchange between Japan and the United States. Nowadays, Sukajan jackets are iconic, representing the perfect fusion of Japanese and American influences, showcasing a truly unique blend of East and West.